Working Wonders

Ann is a qualified therapist and an experienced equine teacher.


Bringing these disciplines together, Ann works wonders in partnership with her horses and ponies to help children and adults with all aspects of self-development and discovery, confidence, relationships, behaviour and emotions.

Horses and ponies are very sensitive to people. When people are relaxed and comfortable around them they also become sensitive to the horses and ponies often resulting in removal of barriers that exist when direct attempts to communicate or help fails when it is directly person to person.


Ann has a number of horses and ponies and will pair clients with the most suitable of her animals.


Ten oaks Farm provides a secure, safe and contained environment where her horses are at ease and everyone involved can feel relaxed and comfortable as they interact with the horses and ponies.


The one to one Equine Therapy Workshops provide a safe and direct experience of handling, grooming and stroking.


Ann can demonstrate how this works with her horses and show how horses can help us to understand ourselves and our relationships through handling and movement. 


To discuss how Working Wonders could help you or someone you know please call Ann on   07745960506 or email or use our contact form.


Working Wonders has just successfully completed a school project with Lewes Priory. 50 children over 5 days. Planned closely with staff at Lewes Priory, 12 children each day took part in various activites throughout the day. Thank you to everyone who took part, you all are amazing...<< New text box >>

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